Ferrero’s Social Enterprise Initiatives scheme is part of the Group’s ethical and social mission statement. This project aims to extend Ferrero’s commitment to improving quality of life and development in underprivileged areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In short, in these areas, the endeavour involves:
a. creating new jobs with the aim of developing products that are better suited to the particular climatic conditions of these areas, to the nutritional needs of local people and to their lower purchasing power;
b. reinvesting a part of the resulting turnover in local social projects, mainly aimed at improving the health and education of the area’s children and young people.

The first Ferrero Social Enterprise Initiatives scheme was launched in Cameroon in June 2004.
Other schemes are being set up in parts of South Africa and India. The strong foundations of the Social Enterprise Initiatives have already been laid. The hope for these Social Enterprise Initiatives is that they may develop over time and have the widest possible expansion.